What does the CC Cloud Connection do?

CC's cloud connection (CC Cloud), available in CC on devices running Android 4 or later, can read your calibre library stored in the cloud, for example at Dropbox. By reading calibre's database, CC Cloud has access to all your book metadata stored in calibre. Because your books and cover images are also stored in the cloud library, CC Cloud can download them and store them in CC's local library just as if they arrived via the Wireless Device or the Content Server.

The CC Cloud connection is similar to the CC Content Server connection. Both use the same user interface. Both allow you to browse your library, and both allow you to download books into CC's local library. Once a book is downloaded you can read it using CC's standard library organizer without being connected to a network.

Note that CC cannot update the metadata inside a book. This is of no importance to CC because it uses calibre metadata not metadata inside the book, but it could matter if you are using a reader app's library manager.

Charles Haley
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